Laureate of the national program "Person of the Year-2021" in the nomination "Residential Complex of the Year"

Laureate of the national program "Person of the Year-2021" in the nomination "Residential Complex of the Year"

"Either work, or fight, or fight, or help" - the instruction of our President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi. This is what is followed at the construction company GEOS.
GEOS is building the future together with Ukraine, which today is building and regaining its independence thanks to our Armed Forces of Ukraine. We remain in our country, continue to work, give work to our employees and pay taxes to the country's budget, because we believe in the Victory of Ukraine.
Company achievements
GEOS is a construction company that has been implementing projects in Ukraine since 2004, in Hungary since 2015, and in Spain since 2018. For more than 18 years, the company has successfully implemented projects in the areas of residential, commercial and industrial construction.
GEOS built modern residential complexes: AlterEgo, Auroom, NobelHome, Cardinal, Richmond, ADAMANT, GloriaPark, Chelsea, BonApart, MelodyPark and others. Today, Family&Friends, SENAT and others are being built.
Currently, work is underway to put into operation one of the largest business-class residential complex Aria in Ukraine with 467 apartments.
ARIA is the flagship project of the Geos company. The architects of the project sought to create a composition in accordance with modern trends in architecture - from concrete, metal and glass. Thanks to the smooth forms of the facades, variable storeys and location, the appearance of the building will change from different points of view.
The complex is located in the heart of the capital in the Pechersk district on Mykola Mikhnovsky Boulevard. Residential complex Aria will have a closed area from cars and outsiders.
Features of Aria residential complex:

  • the complex will have bicycle parking and charging stations for electric cars;
  • special storerooms — rooms for storing seasonal and household items of future residents;
  • layout with two-level apartments, open terraces and panoramic windows with views of the city;
  • commercial spaces on the front side of the first floors of the complex for the convenience of residents.
  • In particular, numerous shops, a sports hall, a pharmacy, etc. are planned to be opened in the residential complex.

Also, the status residential complex SENAT is currently under construction, which includes 3 phases — business-class residential complex for connoisseurs of comfort and coziness in the most ecologically clean Holosiiv district of the city. It is often called the "lungs of the capital". After all, almost 60% of the location is occupied by Holosiiv National Park, which has an area of 141 hectares and is the largest urban park in Europe.
Another project of the company is the Family&Friends residential complex. The complex provides everything that the residents of a big city need - an efficiently planned area, modern engineering systems, an insulated facade, a safe territory of the yard, in which the young generation will always have something to do on the equipped sports and children's playgrounds.
The GEOS company is actively developing on the European market. For example, it has 8 successful projects in Hungary. Namely, in Budapest, the company's portfolio includes 3 completed projects and 5 under construction. In addition, GEOS has three exclusive projects in Spain on the Costa Blanca coast – 1 completed and two under construction.
The GEOS company was recognized with international awards and recognized as the best developer. She was repeatedly awarded The European Property Awards with the best projects in Ukraine (JK Cardinal, JK Auroom) and Budapest (Raday Residence, Erkel Residance).
During its work, GEOS gained a reputation as a reliable developer, formed a highly professional team, and accumulated a large competitive portfolio of tools and solutions. Successfully presented itself on the European market.
The construction company Geos is: 19 years of stable work; 6,449 apartments put into operation; 80 successful projects; 30 built houses.
"All our objects are interesting. What is important is that people live there, get married, raise their children, celebrate their birthdays. The main thing is that we see the results of our work during our lifetime, we can show it to our children and grandchildren," says Mykhailo Mykolayovych Golitsa, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the GEOS construction company.
Personal professional achievements of Mykhailo Mykolayovych Golytsa
Mykhailo Mykolayovych Golytsia has been professionally engaged in construction for about 40 years. He held the position of head of the Main Housing Department of the Kyiv City State Administration, worked for 12 years as deputy head of the Kyiv City State Administration, Chairman of the Board of the Kyivmiskbud Holding Company, deputy of the Kyiv City Council of the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th convocations.
The geography of objects built with the participation of Mykhailo Mykolayovych is not only Kyiv, but also Poltava, Zhytomyr, Ukrainian Crimea. Taking part in the construction of NSC "Olimpiyskiy", where Euro 2012 was held, is a particular pride. He also took part in the construction of the Bessarabian quarter in the center of Kyiv and the 4th microdistrict in Poznyaki (consists of 18 houses, a school of the future, a polyclinic, a kindergarten).
Activities for Victory during martial law:
From the first days of the full-scale invasion of the occupiers, the GEOS construction company and Mykhailo Mykolayovych Golytsia personally have been helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine a lot, as well as residents of various regions of Ukraine, namely:
  • We provided 388 displaced persons with housing for 6.5 months with all amenities (shower, TV, hot/cold water).
  • They financed the drilling of a well in the Chernihiv hospital.
  • 150 kg of honey was handed over to the Chernihiv hospital.
  • We provide monthly assistance to families of Armed Forces servicemen: financial, food, and clothing for 88 families.
  • GEOS Development transferred funds to volunteer organizations and the police. 

Such volunteer activity has been recognized with numerous certificates and thanks from various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and hospitals where our soldiers are treated.
About the future in Ukraine and the countries of the European Union
The construction company GEOS plans to build new residential complexes in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union.
"Only together we will be able to overcome the enemy and revive our country. And also to build a new, strong state, and in it there are many new, comfortable homes for our Ukrainians," says Mykhailo Mykolayovych Golytsia, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the GEOS construction company.

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