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Jupiter LLC

Jupiter LLC is a diversified company created in 1992. The Company’s main activities are the production of blocks of JU-TON cellular concrete and manufacture of metal structures.

The plant is located in Voznesensk City, Mykolayiv Region (Ukraine) and occupies an area of 6.25 hectares. An estimated capacity of the JU-TON plant is 300,000 cubic meters of aerated concrete products per year. The plant produces a wide range of cellular concrete blocks for all types of walls.

High and sustained quality of the products manufactured by the enterprise is ensured by experienced production personnel, quality raw materials and use of modern automated, high-technological equipment of the world leading manufacturer WKB Systems (Germany). The plant is equipped with its own certified laboratory, which constantly monitors the quality of the produced items and makes input control of the raw materials and crude materials. A quality certificate is issued for each batch of blocks of cellular concrete. The level of product quality meets all the requirements of Ukrainian standards.

By the provision of the enterprise with modern equipment for metalworking and sheet metal welding also makes it possible to manufacture complex metal structures. For example, to produce the aerated concrete blocks by our own capacities we built autoclaves (outer diameter is 2920 mm, length (when assembled) – 34000 mm), demountable moulds for pouring of solid massifs (6250x1250x700 mm), autoclave pallets and carts, silos for storage of cement, lime and gypsum (V = 100 m3), truss farms, crane beams.

The company is certified for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. We are ready to consider any proposals for cooperation in the field of aerated concrete sales, fabrication of metal structures, as well as provision of representative and intermediary services.