The first in the world: a wooden wind turbine was installed in Sweden

The first in the world: a wooden wind turbine was installed in Sweden

In Sweden, the world's first wooden wind turbine with a height of 105 meters was installed in the Skara region.
This was reported by Dezeen.
The tower was installed by wood processing company Modvion. The generator blades and bushing are made of fiberglass, but the tower is made of laminated veneer lumber (LVL), a type of treated wood often used for beams and load-bearing building structures.

The company claims that this type of wood is not only strong enough to withstand the forces of a rotating turbine, but is also more environmentally sustainable for construction than the steel currently used.


Although wind power plays an important role in providing the world with green renewable energy, there are still significant carbon emissions when the turbines are built - in part due to the steel towers.
"Our towers, just during their production, emit 90 percent less than steel towers that do the same job," said Modvion CFO Maria-Lina Hedlund.
The manufacturing process involves making custom wood panels in a standard LVL factory and then shipping them to the Modvion factory. There they are glued into larger modules and bent into a rounded shape.
The modular nature of the design also solves the problem of transportation, as monolithic steel towers are very difficult to transport.


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