Proposed calculator will assist you to calculate by yourself the number of aerated concrete blocks that you will need for construction.
Select the block type (length x height x thickness) mm:
Select the block density:
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Enter the total length of aerated concrete walls, m:

Enter average wall height, m:

Enter total area of the window and doorways, sq. m:

Calculation results are advisory.
Quantity of cellular blocks for erection of abovementioned walls, excluding window and doorway areas and including allowance for 5% trimming:

{{ calcAll() }}

{{ gasblocks | number: 2 }} cubic meter (meters)0 cubic meter (meters)
{{ gasblocksQuant | number: 0 }} piece (pieces)0 piece (pieces)
Quantity of cellular blocks divisible by pallets:
{{ gasblockKrat | number: 2 }} cubic meter (meters) 0 cubic meter (meters)
{{ gasblockKratQuant | number: 0 }} piece (pieces) 0 piece (pieces)
Number of pallets:
{{ PoddonQuant | number: 0 }} piece (pieces) 0 piece (pieces)
Gross shipping weight:
1 pallet {{ OnePoddonKg | number: 0 }} kg0 kg.
All pallets {{ AllPoddonKg | number: 0 }} kg0 kg.