A completely new approach to school space: what the first Ukrainian school selected for architectural transformation will look like

A completely new approach to school space: what the first Ukrainian school selected for architectural transformation will look like

The school is like a small Google office
The first school for architectural transformation was chosen in Ukraine. Belgium will finance the reconstruction of an educational institution damaged by the war in the Kyiv region.
This was announced by the Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov.
Schools should be like a small Google office

"The school in the village of Kyiv region will be the first to undergo an architectural transformation within the pilot. The process will begin within a year, and Belgium will finance the modernization," Fedorov noted.
He demonstrated on illustrations what the institution will look like after reconstruction.
"This will be a completely new approach to the school space. With a large square in front of the school, a courtyard for outdoor recreation, an amphitheater for learning, larger assembly halls," the minister emphasized.

He recalled that previously the Ministry of Statistics together with partners presented design projects for the transformation of school spaces. Post-war reconstruction will take place precisely on their basis.
"Within the pilot and with the support of partners, we will rebuild 5 schools that were damaged by the war," Fedorov said.
He emphasized that schools should not resemble the premises of a hospital, but should be like a small office of Google or Netflix, a place where breakthrough ideas and dreams are born. After all, the conditions in which the educational process takes place and the formation of children as individuals are very important.
Five concepts of transformation of typical Soviet schools
Today, most schools in Ukraine are built according to typical Soviet projects - they are old, dark premises with non-functional use of space.

In order to fundamentally change the situation, a project was presented to transform educational institutions into comfortable and safe spaces for children's learning and development.
What will change in schools after the transformation:
barrier-free regardless of the mobility of students or teachers;
schoolchildren and teachers will be able to draw on the walls of the corridors, change the lighting, the temperature in the classroom and rearrange the furniture according to their needs;
children will be able to take a nap in comfortable seclusion zones, create their own projects, grow plants in the yard or assemble robots in workshops;
safety - high-quality rounded shelters without dark corners.
In addition, the transformed schools will have modern areas for creativity and project activities: workshops for working with technology, greenhouses for growing plants, laboratories, etc.


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