22nd ZHEMCHUZHYNA (22nd Pearl) Residential Compound

22nd ZHEMCHUZHYNA (22nd Pearl) Residential Compound

Full description

Address: Bolgarskaya Street
Number of apartments: 234
Floor area of apartments: from 32 sq.m. up to 57 sq.m.
Completion term: 2nd quarter of 2018

Twenty-Second Zhemchuzhyna is a long-awaited project for Odessa citizens, which is located at Bolgarskaya Street!

A new modern residential compound from KADORR Group Company will be erected at Bolgarskaya Street (next to Alekseevskaya Square) in the midst of legendary district of Moldavanka.

Moldavanka ancient streets' charm combined with the highest European quality of construction and housing maintenance is a dream of many Odessa citizens.

There are many advantages in this district. Additionally to the romantic atmosphere and cozy streets of the neighborhood, residents will also get obvious practical advantages such as proximity to the city center, auto and railway stations, and to Privoz Market.

Alike other facilities, Mr. Adnan Kivan gives his personal guarantees on the quality and timing of the construction.

Residential compound will have such facilities as: well-kept house territory, children's playground, own security and maintenance services, places for waiting and rest.

Twenty-Second Zhemchuzhyna will become a true symbol of everlasting Moldavanka with its old traditions and up-to-date solutions.