ARKADIA HILLS Residential Compound

ARKADIA HILLS Residential Compound

Full description

Arkadia Hills Residential Compound is new premium class building work. Construction is going on in the prestigious area of Odessa – in Arkadia, in the similarly-named Arkadiyskiy Avenue.
Arkadia Hills Residential Compound is six-section housing compound with 12-storeys. The house has apartments with an improved layout for an individual project. During Arkadia Hills' erection a special attention is paid to the compounds' safety and modern engineering equipment: own boiler room, autonomous water supply, house insulation and soundproofing. There is a recreation area, sports and children's playground, parking places as well as underground parking. Landscape design is provided in the inner yard and in the compound's adjacent territory.
During the construction of the object were used JU-TON aerated concrete blocks:
ECO 400 300x200x600

Address: Odessa, 9 Arkadiyskiy Avenue.
Number of flats: 360.
Floor area of apartments: 48 – 164 sq.m.
Commissioning date: 4th quarter of 2012.